AERODYNAMICS OF YES! with Christian Capozzoli (NYC)

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29th October 2015, 19.00-22.00 | INSTANT GAME

@HONIGFABRIK, Industriestraße 125, 21107 Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg
Building strong characters starts the moment your foot hits the floor, not the moment you start "thinking." This workshop will focus on the organic unfolding of a character based on that first step. More being…less thinking! Hone your ability to identify the game of a scene and blow it out to the Nth degree. All exercises are set to identify premise, celebrate a central game, and attack it as an ensemble. Give your gameplay the torque it needs and take this workshop.


30th October 2015, 18.00-21.00 | AERODYNAMICS OF YES

@TASK Schauspielschule, Schomburgstraße 50, 22767 Hamburg-Altona
Learn how to match energies and use its momentum to make discoveries to super charge your scenes, make bold moves with big stakes and high energy, say "yes" in huge ways with more than just words, and attack the stage with total agreement and zero fear. Get out of your brain and into the scene. All lessons are designed to create an immediate sense of trust, synergy and agreement. Surprise and shock yourself and take this workshop!


About Christian Capozzoli

Christian Capozzoli is an American director, author, and instructor whose improv methods are taught the world over. He is the founder and artistic director of Get Part of IT: New York. Christian holds a Masters in Literature and Education from Harvard University. In addition to novels and screenplays, he has written for and appeared in several pilots for Comedy Central, MTV, VH-1 and the History Channel. In 2014, Capozzoli debuted Nutso Facto at UCB. Capozzoli has appeared on the Colbert Report, is a contributor to the Public Radio International-distributed program, This American Life, performs every Friday Night with BUCKY and TAKE IT PERSONAL, and tours the world over with his critically acclaimed show 4TRACK. He is currently prototyping an improv curriculum for NYC high schools. He tours and travels bringing his techniques to countries, festivals, schools and corporations, sharing his approach and helping to put these rewarding principles into practice. He has shadowed and worked along side of legendary comedic instructors Mick Napier, Charna Halpern and Armando Diaz.



Christian's Aerodynamics of Yes: The Improviser’s Manual provides readers with the essential tools they need to put Christian’s technique and method into use to unlock imagination, celebration, and creative power.


Christian on the UCB Long-Form Conversations podcast


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"Christian is unbelievable, unreal and inspiring." / "One of the best emerging minds in NY improvisation." / "This is ivy league improv instruction." / "This man is a master of theory and practice both."


Language, Fee, Registration

Both workshops will be in English, translation is provided. Participants are welcome to perform in their own language. // Keine Angst vor Englisch, es ist ausdrücklich erwünscht, Szenen auch gerne auf Deutsch oder einer anderen Sprache zu spielen. Für alles andere gibt es eine Übersetzung.


INSTANT GAME: 70 € (regular) / 50 € (reduced)

AERODYNAMICS OF YES: 70 € (regular) / 50 € (reduced)


Both workshops: 120 € (regular) / 90 € (reduced)

Early Bird registrations until 15th September: 100 € (regular) / 80 € (reduced)

Please register by mail:

 Check out Christian with his ensemble Bucky at UCB New York Cagematch July 2015: